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"Wasted Talent," "Buona Notte," and "The Wild Side" among honorees

The following films were also honored by the festival:

  • Best Dramatic Short - “Wasted Talent,” directed by Derrick Benton (Oswego / Brooklyn, NY)

  • Best Comedic Short- “Buona Notte,” directed by Victor Bindefeld Gregoire Bensimon (France)

  • Best Animated Short - “The Statue,” directed by Mohsen Salehi Fard (Iran)

  • Best Foreign Language Short - “Deaf,” directed by Nuria Muños-Ortín & Eva Libertad (Spain)

  • Best Documentary Short - “Wild Side,” directed by Brian Hansen (Milwaukee, WI)

  • Winter Through Film Award - “It’s Cold,” directed by Danil Ivanov (Russia)

  • North Country Filmmaker Award - “Murray Triumphs!” directed by Megan MacDonald (Watertown, NY)

  • North Country Filmmaker Award - “The Birthday Hunt,” directed by Wayne Landreth Jr. (Black River, NY)

  • North Country Filmmaker Award - “The White Throated Sparrow Project,” directed by Tiffany Deater (Clinton, NY)

  • North Country Filmmaker Award - “Yancey’s Sugarbush: First Crop of the Year,” directed by Xiuke Wei (Canton, NY)

  • Official Selection - “Shred of Decency,” directed by Dan Fowlks

  • Official Selection - “Jack Wyatt and the Gun From Hell,” directed by Clay Dumaw

  • Official Selection - “Roman Candle,” directed by Joe Blank

  • Official Selection - “The Town That Moved a Mountain (and then forgot they did it),” directed by Rick Groleau

  • NNY Screenplay Award - “2001,” written by Jagger Walters (Los Angeles, CA)

  • The “Write Here” Award for North Country Screenwriters - “Keep Digging,” written by Derek and Daniel Morrow (Alexandria Bay, NY)


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