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Australian films “The Winter” and “The Quiet” share Grand Prize at Snowtown Film Festival

For the first time since its inception, two films were awarded the Grand Prize at Snowtown Film Festival. The Winter, animated and directed by Australian filmmaker Xin Li, and The Quiet, animated and directed by Australian student Radheya Jegatheva will share the top prize for the seventh annual event.

In addition to the Grand Prize, the following films were also honored by the festival:

  • North Country Filmmaker Award: Stray Dogs, written by David Cepero and Adam Gascho, directed by Adam Gascho;

  • North Country Filmmaker Award: Windmill City, written and directed by Maria Norris;

  • North Country Filmmaker Award: Ride Share, written by Rosie Grace, directed by Nate Hapke

  • North Country Filmmaker Award: Relinquish, written and directed by Joshua Stasko

  • North Country Filmmaker Award: Hearts and Stripes, written by Eric Waugh, directed by Sorin Pavelesco;

  • Outstanding Animated Short: Roberto, written and directed by Carmen Córdova González;

  • Outstanding Comedy Short: Don’t Jump, written and directed by Loring Murtha

  • Winter Through Film Award: La Fille Oblique (Slanted Girl), written and directed by Mathilde Delaunay;

  • Northern NY Screenplay Competition: The Rubble Field of Trapezium written by Bob Comenole. Honorable mention to Rab Flies Over the Ocean (In Spirit) written by Kathleen Connor.


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