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STFF '22 will open with preview screening on WPBS

This year’s festival will open with a preview screening on WPBS from 7-8pm on Friday, February 18th. Festival organizers will talk to filmmakers and present four short films: “Sprained” (4:39), “Winterlude” (18:36), “Wild Side” (13:34), and “Painting by Numbers” (4:23), directed by last year’s grand prize winner, Radheya Jegatheva of Perth, Australia.

“WPBS is delighted to be able to give audiences a taste of the many outstanding films that will be on offer at this year’s festival” said Mark Prasuhn, President of WPBS. “We salute the organizers for all the extra effort required to stage the festival virtually, and look forward to sitting down in our flannels on the 18th to enjoy the preview screening.”


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