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Snowtown Film Festival is accepting submissions of feature length, short films and scripts through November 15, 2022. An Early Bird period ends August 1, 2022. Special consideration is made for films that emphasize winter and/or the "North Country spirit," but these themes are not required for film selection or award. All submissions must be made online through

Snowtown Film Festival will screen a number of full-length films (60 minutes or more) throughout the festival weekend. If you’re interested in submitting a film for consideration please contact us at before August 30, 2022. The selection committee is particularly interested in films with winter themes or connections to the greater Northern NY region, but may consider other films as well.
Snowtown Film Festival provides laurels to all short film finalists and official selections screened at the festival. All short film finalists are in consideration for the festival’s GRAND PRIZE AWARD, which is announced at the conclusion of the festival. In addition to the GRAND PRIZE, STFF bestows a number of other awards on select films at the ceremony such as the NORTH COUNTRY FILMMAKER’S AWARD and the WINTER THROUGH FILM AWARD.

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