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Metropolitan Bowling wins Grand Prize at STFF 2020

Metropolitan Bowling, directed by Louka Hogue, took home the Grand Prize at the 6th Annual Snowtown Film Festival. The film, which screened at the festival during the “Between Two Worlds" block of shorts, tells the story of an unlikely discovery that challenges the relationship between a father and his daughters.

“I’d like to thank all the cast and crew for their amazing work, and for believing in me,” Mr. Hogue said. “The film wouldn’t be here without them. I also want to thank the Snowtown Film Festival organizers for believing so much in indie filmmaking. It means a lot to be supported by passionate people like them.”

Mr. Hogue, a celebrated young filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec, wrote, produced and directed Metropolitan Bowling. Passionate since a very young age by adventure, Mr. Hogue directed his first short film - Plume - at the age of eighteen. Plume received a number of international film awards including the “Winter Through Film” award at the 2019 Snowtown Film Festival.

“As a young filmmaker, this prize is a huge encouragement that tells me that I’m on the right track, and that I should keep on working as hard as I can to put the stories I love on screen,” said Mr. Hogue.

“I’m just starting in the industry, but I already know that I want to tell stories to touch people,” Mr. Hogue said. “This acknowledgment shows me that the audience has been touched by the moving story of Michel & Emily, despite the language barrier.”

In addition to the Grand Prize, the following films were also honored at the festival:

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - Loring Murtha and Zack Kron, Oh, Boy

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - Mark C. Burns, Ice Palace, A Love Letter

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - Michael I. Devine, The Michigan

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - Miguel Lambert, The Mattress King

  • Outstanding Animated Short - Radheya Jegatheva, iRony

  • Outstanding Comedy Short - Sam Avery, The Catch

  • Outstanding Short Screenplay - Brad and Christian Cooper, Call Sign

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