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Awards presented at STFF19

Syracuse writer/director Sam Avery accepted the Grand Prize for his film DEADEYE, the story of an aging female boxer whose spirit rages despite the torments of society and a manager who won’t return calls.

“I'm so grateful to the Snowtown Film Festival staff and the enthusiastic audience for this generous award,” said Mr. Avery. “It's tough to be an independent filmmaker and it's community backed festivals like Snowtown Film Fest that keep us going.”

“DEADEYE was made in Churchville, NY with community support and it’s such an honor to be not only included, but recognized with the Grand Prize Award that keeps me going,” Mr. Avery continued. “This is the second year in a row that Snowtown has included my work and I am very grateful.”

Awards were also presented to student filmmakers, North Country filmmakers, outstanding comedy, outstanding animated short, and winter through film. The festival also included a screenwriting competition.

Snowtown Film Festival will begin accepting submissions for next year’s festival this spring.

2019 Snowtown Film Festival Awards

  • Grand Prize Award - DEADEYE, Directed by Samuel Avery, Syracuse, NY

  • Outstanding Comedy Short - FRY DAY I’M IN LOVE, Directed by Loring Murtha, Bronx, NY

  • Outstanding Animated Short - WHEN COUNTING FLAMINGOS TO SLEEP, Directed by Dan and Derek Morrow, Alexandria Bay, NY

  • Winter Through Film Award - PLUME, Directed by Louka Hogue, Montreal

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - CORNHUSK, Directed by Jaiden Mitchell, Akwesasne, NY

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - ZBURG, Directed by Mark Valley, Los Angeles, CA / Ogdensburg, NY

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - GARROW, Directed by Lori Kelly-Bailey, Moriah, NY

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - NORTH POLE, NY, Directed by Ali Cotterill, Brooklyn, NY

  • North Country Filmmaker’s Award - HOUSE OF STRONZO, Directed by Matthew White, Rochester, NY

  • Student Filmmaker Award - KAMSKI, directed by Kohl Favri, Indian River High School

  • Student Filmmaker Award - SKATES, Directed by Madison Gibbs & Corey Doxtater, Indian River High School

  • Student Filmmaker Award - THE LOST HALLS, Directed by Chelsea Coss, Indian River High School

Northern New York Screenwriter Competition Selection:

  • “Sugar cube” by Radoslav Stoyanov

  • “I'm Not Going to Hurt You” by Cati and Mike Gonzalez

  • “Old Fish” by Kate Whitehead

  • “The Vest” by William Ebert

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