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LONG TIME RUNNING | 97 minutes | Directed by Jennifer Baichwal & Nicholas de Pencier

Long Time Running chronicles the emotional and epic iconic Kingston, Ontario band’s now-legendary 2016 tour that captured the heart of the nation. Viewers will be given a unique and exclusive perspective into The Tragically Hip’s world through intimate moments, behind-the-scenes and on-stage footage, personal interviews with the band and close friends, as well as reactions from their devoted fans from across Canada.



Preceding the screening join us for the fan favorite "flannel casual" Red Carpet Reception with a performance by North Country cover band The List, as well as hors d’Oeuvres from Johnny D’s and a cash bar by Savory Downtown.

WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY | 100 minutes | Starring Peter Ostrum

In this legendary family classic, starring the North Country's own Dr. Peter Ostrum, five children from around the world win golden tickets to tour the mysterious candy factory, where they meet the manufacturer and learn life lessons about honesty, punishment and reward.


Following the film the original "Charlie," Dr. Ostrum, will participate in a panel discussion and audience Q&A . Children 12 and under can attend the presentation FREE with an accompanying adult pass holder.

DENIAL | 93 minutes | Directed by Derek Hallquist, Produced by Aaron Woolf

Every day our changing climate pushes us closer to an environmental catastrophe, but for most the problem is easy to ignore. 


David Hallquist, a Vermont utility executive, has made it his mission to take on one of the largest contributors of this global crisis-our electric grid.


But, when his son Derek tries to tell his father's story, the film is soon derailed by a staggering family secret, one that forces Derek and David to turn their attention toward a much more personal struggle, one that can no longer be ignored.

Following DENIAL join a panel discussion of the film with director Derek Hallquist and Executive Producer Aaron Woolf.

85 minutes | Directed by "Adirondack" Fred Sullivan

"My father says if people don't come and see this movie, we'll starve," says Tate Sullivan, introducing his father's "The Beer Drinker's Guide to Fitness and Filmmaking" (aka “Sullivan’s Pavilion”).  As peculiar as its title, the film is an unpredictable amalgam of filmmaker Adirondack Fred’s random thoughts about his fledgling career, his children, his personal history and his favorite beverages. Fred, the most self-obsessed creature since Garfield the Cat, produces, directs, writes, edits and stars in this offbeat, low-budget work.

Following the film join Hollywood screen writer Kirk Sullivan for a panel discussion of his experience as a child in THE BEER DRINKER'S GUIDE and his experience writing screenplays for Lionsgate, New Line Cinema and Will Smith’s production company Overbook, as well as directing an award winning short film CITY OF DEAD MEN. 


A young couple on a fateful date to the Lowville Town Hall movie theater gets more than just a matinee as they are drawn into the inexplicable nightmare … of Folklore and Frost. This dramatized WPBS-TV production investigates the strange history of the Hubbard House in Champion, New York, the Thompson Park Vortex, the myth of Tug Hill Annie, the wreck of the schooner ship Bavaria in Henderson Harbor, and the Paddock mansion. These six family friendly ghost stories were shot and produced in the North Country and feature a number of local cast and crew. 

Following the film join a panel discussion with the filmmakers including producer/director/writer Roque Murray, assistant director Ryan Proven, and writer and actor Linda Adams.

2018 Short Film Blocks


The Way the Cookie Crumbles | 10:00 - It's Julia's first day at "B"-Harmony, an online dating company - but she soon realizes the love connection is only on the surface.

iSoulMates | 14:12 - A techno-romance about a man who invents a phone app to find your soulmate based on one's digital fingerprint.

When a Peeping Tom met a Kleptomaniac | 4:30 - When two people whose eccentricities are compatible connect, they often amplify each other's eccentricities, find true love and become who they really are.

Move | 6:00 - A couple will see their relationship tested by the use of new technologies.

My Hero | 8:35 - In The Battle of the Sexes, Todd and Patricia clash after an embarrassing evening out. Belief systems are challenged, however when the night brings an unexpected guest.

Perceptions | 7:49 - Love’s in the air for Jane and John. But when their inner-voices get involved, the budding romance looks like it might falter before it even begins.

Swipe Right | 22:00 - A musical comedy set in the era of internet dating over the course of one night in New York City.

One Night |15:00 - Sometimes when you let go, everything falls into place. In this beautiful and unexpected encounter, miracles are everywhere; you just have to explore.


Outside | 14:59 A short retelling of a British expedition to the South Pole in 1912.
ICE | 15:00 Back from Iraq & Afghanistan, a veteran goes on an adventure with his son, taking a short cut on an 'ice road' to visit an island that holds special memories for them.

The Hunt | 20:00 A mild-mannered boy and his oppressive father go on a hunting trip.
Below 0° | 4:54 An animated film about an Arctic meteorologist and his love of the Arctic.

The Book of Judith | 20:00 - A widow living on a farm is visited by a strange man on the way to his mother’s funeral, and his presence ignites the widow's repressed feelings.

Virtual | 4:49 - Sara’s journey to prove whether the world around is just an illusion.

Impulse | 14:32  - When an enraged husband finally snaps on his wife, complications arise when strange happenings occur around the house that may or may not be all in his head.

Smart Dog - Dumb Phone | 3:45 - A girl is caught texting while driving, she tries a crazy story to get out of it. She tells the officer her dog is a service dog in training and how the dog helps her in bad situations.

High School Spy | 13:25 - A teenage spy gets assigned a new case at a high school, but the case beings to fall apart after many obstacles.


Kindhart | 8:38 - A dysfunctional family staggers through the funeral of its pater familias.

The Marksman | 15:23 - Based on the true story of an unsuspecting squirrel hunter and the escaped convict - David Watson.

Mic and Me | 11:23 - Cadence finds that dating Mic is not without its costs.



eyetooth | 12:19 - A loner takes an interest in a woman he doesn't know until he crosses too many lines.

WIDE-o | 1:30 - After a mother finds her two children up late one cold December night, she searches the house only to find the terrifying reason...
Vajyian | 3:45 - You wake up in the silence of the night, everything has been a nightmare... or maybe not?
Proper Goodbye | 16:31 - Eddie, a serial killer who persuades like the devil, lures Nick out to meet him or he may get arrested. Convinced it's a ploy to bring him back into a past life, Nick reluctantly goes to the meeting to give himself closure and tell Eddie to cease all communications with him.

What is Hidden in Snow | 13:20 - From the moment he found out about his wife's infidelity, Alexandre, 35 years old started to dwell on his wrath. At his wit's end he goes to Simile's office to help him with his troubles.


The Wheels on the Bus | 9:45 - Two drivers must put their differences aside and overcome a series of setbacks to get their bus back up and running and cargo delivered on time.

Glue | 3:00 - A bizarre misunderstanding arises when a beautiful woman happens to meet a man in a library hall. Both man and woman enchanted by each other’s presence give in to a seemingly innocent flirtation. The pleasant moment quickly changes into a wacky situation when the couple misread each other signals.

999999999 | 10:00 Storytelling in a very unusual language.
The Girl in the Snow | 7:00 A day in the life of a foley artist.

Clean Colored Wire | 9:53 A critic gets caught up in a strange mystery of parallel universes when he attends an advance screening of a film entitled "The Most Important Film Ever Made".



Yin and Yang | 5:59 - A bullied boy is defended by a spirit in a lake, befriends her, then discovers her secret.

Left Down Up Right | 7:53 - A love letter to circles.

U & I | 2:09 - The story, told in yarn, of the friendship of a rabbit and an iguana.

I Am Life | 1:27 - An expression of the sensitive side of existence through music and image, light and energy.


Wishful Whiskers | 9:55 - Stuck in her dad’s boring lunch meeting, little Ella suddenly discovers the curious case of all the mustaches.

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